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Our World Book Day Award Entry 2018

Flying Fergus and the Great Bike Jump!

The images above are part of our entry for the World Book Day Award 2018. 

Our P5-P7 pupils were the team behind it.  They brainstormed and came up with lots of imaginative ideas and decided to make their display on the football pitch, to be photographed from above. Fortunately (from an earlier visit to the local quarry) we knew a man (Kevin Kirk) with a drone!  Kevin liked the idea and said he’d help for fre. 

After much discussion and debate they finalised the design which was based around the word ‘Books’, spelt out in huge letters across the football pitch. They also decided to use ‘Flying Fergus’ as the theme. 

The pupils were already fans of the Chris Hoys Flying Fergus books. We think 'Flying Fergus and the Great Bike Jump' would be a great title for book number seven! 

If you look closely you will see their Fergus is ‘flying’ through a gigantic book cover having ‘taken off’ from a massive ramp (held up by them), complete with a Scotland flag.  See if you can also spot the Olympic rings!

The whole school was involved in the construction of the design.  First some of the staff were directed where to park their cars. P1-P7 pupils then moved every single desk and chair from the school onto the pitch. Everything was placed precisely according to the pupils' master plan. 

The children worked together brilliantly.  The pupils (and adults) were amazed how well it worked - especially considering that we only saw the competition details the week before this was done!

We love the fact that all pupils, staff, parents and helpers (who were there on the day) are all in our display!  We love books at Mosstowie and we hope that the judges like our entry.

Our World Book Day Award Video - See how we did it!

Double click on the video link below to watch how we made the huge image on our football pitch. Thanks to the parents and helpers who helped us move everything into place on the day.  A massive thank you to Kevin Kirk (Silver Fox Images)  who did the filming and still images with his drone.

Well done Mosstowie Pupils!

File icon: mp4 THE MOSSTOWIE WORLD BOOK DAY AWARD VIDEO [mp4 142MB] Click to download

Our World Book Day Award entry made the local papers!

P7 Book Cover Designs

Below are book covers desgined by P7 pupils for an Elgin High School Library competition.  This was part of a P7 transition activity invovling all of the feeder primary schools.  We gave our P7 pupils the extra challenge of having to make their designs from scratch using the computer.  This had to include all elements of design and illustration found in real books such as bar codes, price tags and publisher logos. 

Everything had to be made by them.  They were allowed to photograph and insert their own  own art work. 

This year we gave them the further challenge of designing an additional book cover using a P1 or P2 drawing.  They had to discuss the story with the younger pupils write the blurb and first sentence with them.  

The task is to present the younger pupil with a completed design in time for World Book Day on the 1st of March. 

Some of the ones which have already been completed are also included below. 


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